The Black Bee Experience


Your pupils hold the future survival of the Honeybee in their hands.

So many of the challenges Honeybees have now are caused by our lack of understanding.

Through education we can ensure that future generations do not have to suffer the same threat we have now. Through education we can show the importance of the Honeybee to our whole ecology. Through education we can ensure our children do not risk losing the world we know.

Outreach programme

Observation hives offer a wonderful chance for children to see Honeybees in action, while the bees remain safely behind the glass.

I bring my observation hive into your school as the centre-piece of the lesson.

This teaches your pupils about

  • Pollination
  • Insect adaptation
  • The Food chain
  • Ecology
  • Symbiotic Evolution

The outreach lesson lasts 45 minutes, we bring everything that is needed – just add pupils.

In-Centre Lessons

At our dedicated education centre pupils can see Honeybees working in their natural environment. If you wish they are even able to get Bee suits on to go into the beehives with me – a truly unique experience everything in the outreach programme plus…

  • Planting for Honeybees
  • Seed Bombing
  • Honey Production
  • How bees use tree resin for first aid
  • Tasting raw honey straight from the hive

The In-Centre lesson lasts 4 hours including a lunch break where pupils are welcome to bring a packed lunch.

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The Honeybee Experience for your pupils
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