The Black Bee Experience

I’m Damian, introductions out of the way. I come from a family of my beekeepers, so it’s in my blood. In fact, my Queens are all named after family members that were beekeepers (I’m the first male I know of).

I spent years working in the corporate finance industry, slowly losing the will to live when I was offered an opportunity to set up the first HoneyBee experience centre.

My time in corporate finance has taught me about public speaking and storytelling, it’s power and significance. I have decided to use that skill to help save the Honeybee.

The bees are the centre of everything I do. In order to ensure their well being I have a few beliefs:

I don’t extract honey – it’s the bees winter stores, take that and you risk them starving
The bees in my hives are all native or near-native Honeybees
The survival of the Honeybee is all of our responsibility – without people changing their gardening activities, they will die out.

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The Honeybee Experience for your pupils
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