The Black Bee Experience

Our Services

All of our services are focused on one thing – to increase everyones appreciation of the honeybee. Whether its through a personalised talk or through the full bee experience, by the end of your time with us you will have been a lot closer to honeybees then you could have imagined.

Black Bee Experience

Through the power of story, our beekeepers will take you on a journey with the native Honeybees as they collect nectar to make honey. You will learn how you can do your bit to save honeybees. This culminates in meeting the Honeybees in their home – yes, you can get a bee suit on and come into the hives, and maybe taste raw honey – straight off the honeycomb. The Experience is approximately (very!) 90 minutes long. Groups are limited to 15 per session, this ensures every one gets some hands on in the beehive. If you would rather not come into the hive please let us know on arrival.

Public Apiary Management

We are committed to introducing as many people as possible to the magic of honeybees. For public venues it creates a natural attractant with visitors. It gives your visitors an experience they are unlikely to get elsewhere, and tailored to your venues story. Within a few weeks we can set up an apiary that is designed to be safe, informative and entertaining for your visitors.


Saving the honeybee isn’t just about now – its about educating generations to come about their importance. Our school outreach programme is designed for this very reason. All of the sessions are based on curriculum requirements for 2015/16. They can either be run as individual sessions (about 45 – 60 minutes) at your school, or you can have a full day (10am – 2pm) at our centre. The current educational sessions are:

  1. Pollination
  2. Children will learn how pollination works; the structure of a plant; how bees have adapted to become excellent pollinators. They will be invited to identify different sources of pollen, to see how bees use pollen within the hive and carry out an inspection of honeycomb to see pollen being used in the wild.

  3. Honey production
  4. This takes the children on a journey as they see how honey is made, from flower to hive. We will cover what nectar is, the bee proboscis and how it has adapted for different environments. They will be taken through the invertase process within the foraging honeybees, and then the part the house bees have to play in the honey process. This will show honeybees change honeybees change at different ages.

  5. Bees in the environment
  6. During this session we will look at bees effect on their environment, the food chain and how they have adapted to different environments around the world.

    The children will study how honeybees has evolved specifically for pollination, how flowers have evolved to attract honeybees. How the loss of honeybees would impact on mankind and how we can all help to save them. The children will have the facility to make wildflower seed bombs at the end to take home.

Bee Talks

Thought the power of story our beekeepers will regale you with the lore of honeybees, information about their lives and their history. The stories are designed to be informative and inspiring.

Each talk lasts about 45 minutes and can be given at the location of your choice.

There are currently 3 topics available to book for a talk:

  • Story of the Black Bee
  • The Black Queens Palace
  • Life of the Black Bee
  • Life after the Honey Bee
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