The Black Bee Experience

Bee Experiences

Imagine this… it’s a warm summers day. The air is vibrating with the gentle buzz of honeybees as they go about their work.  You can smell the subtle fragrance of beeswax in the air.   Looking through the mesh on your bee veil you can see the frame of honey in your hand.   You push a finger slowly into the wax, past it’s point of resistance. The honey erupts over your finger.  As you put your finger to your tongue you can feel the warmth of the honey, it’s sweetness like nothing you’ve tasted before.  You give it a moment for the flavours to settle, it tastes of apple, the very flower it came from that morning.

Now isn’t that something your visitors would love to experience?

Honeybees create an amazing buzz at any public venue. They offer a unique opportunity for your visitors to get close to a truly prehistoric wild animal and experience it’s magic up close.

I will set up and manage a public apiary at your venue, your visitors can have the opportunity to enjoy a bee experience as I take them…

  • Through the history of the Honeybee
  • Into a world if we lost the Honeybee
  • Into a garden for Honeybees
  • Into the beehive to taste raw honey and see the ladies at work

I provide the Bee suits and all necessary materials.

In order to generate interest in your venue, I tailor the experience to your particular venue., this means your visitors not only learn about Honeybees, but how their story entwines with your own.

It really is that simple.

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The Black Bee Experience for your pupils
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