The Black Bee Experience


I love stories and I love telling them even more. They are a powerful way to get a message over that people not only remember, but enjoy doing so.

Talks may be a bit limiting to what I offer, I bring the bee experience to your venue of choice(minus the bees).

If I’ve done my job right by the end of the talk, the audience should feel inspired to help save Honeybees, and more importantly know how to go about it.

As with everything, I am focused on the native British Bees and so the talks will centre around them, but crafted for the interests of your group.

For your convenience, I will come to you with everything I need to deliver the talk.

This season the talks available are:

  • Story of the Black Bee
  • The Black Queens palace
  • Life of the Black Bee
  • Life after the Honeybee

Each talk lasts about 45 minutes and is designed to be interactive.

Call 01772 305 625 to book
The Honeybee Experience for your pupils
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